Family, Like Branches On A Tree, We Grow in Different Directions, Yet Our Roots Remain As One, Rooted In God And Jesus!


If we are Rooted in God and Jesus we are able to stand the strong winds, and storms of life! God never promised us a “rose garden”.  He promised us that He would be there with us to comfort us and we would never have to be alone again, unless we wanted to be. 

My family has shown me that we can go through anything with God and Jesus by our side. God has carried me through abuse, stalking, unemployment, losing my car, losing my home, and divorce. God never left me. I left Him.

Then, he gave me the “love of my life” when He thought that I was ready. I had to learn to put God number one no matter what….above my family, my husband, and my children…when I lost all and only had God…I found out that He was all that I ever needed. Mother told me that Dr. Lambert told her that, “Sometimes God has to put us on our backs, in order for us to have to look up to Him”. When God is all you have left. God is all you need. 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town~~My Wonderful Memories of Jacinto City, Texas


I grew up and was raised in the little suburb of Houston, Jacinto City, Harris County, Texas in the sixties. Times were much slower, safer, and more sentimental back then. Families were closer. My Mother and Father, Leroy & Jean (Linderman) Frederick had six children, Joseph, Phyllis, Sally, Karl, Patricia, and Sarah Frederick, in a little frame house with two bedrooms and one bath. Many arguments took place over who was next in the bathroom. Thank God, Daddy knew how to do anything. He added a huge bedroom and bath onto the back of our house for him and mother. We four girls had to share a bedroom. My two brothers had their own room. I can still remember those rooms. Our room had a big picture window, and faced the street. The boys had a smaller room and faced the backyard.

It was a really small house, and we were a very close knit family. We were raised Methodist. We fought but we always forgave each other, because we were family and that is what we were taught that family did.  Thank God, that is what mother taught us, that you only have one family, and love was unconditional. No matter how angry we made  each other.

My mother and daddy always made holidays special. Daddy put up all the lights, and put up the tree, and mother and all of us children decorated the tree. It was always an old fashioned red and green Christmas. We were taught that Jesus was the reason for the season. We always had a nativity scene.

Jean & Lou Mancill, Manger Scene

We had Advent Calendars. We always attended the midnight service on Christmas Eve. We always watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” together. We had fudge, Cherry Wink cookies, food, food, food, and usually ham because we had turkey at Thanksgiving. It was a family affair, and everyone had their jobs, and everything had a place. Mother was an excellent homemaker. She taught all of us girls how to cook, sew, and clean. 

I wish that everyone could have the wonderful, old-fashioned Christmas’ that we had. I know without a doubt, that this world would be a much better if there were more God, Jesus, and Godly families.

Santa Claus on firetruck, Jacinto City, TX

We believed in Santa Claus, and were always so excited when Santa Claus came down our street on the firetruck before Christmas. We knew that he wasn’t the real Santa, mother told us that he was Santa’s helpers, because he was too busy delivering presents to visit everyone. We each got a stocking full of candy. We loved candy! 

Christmas Stockings

We each had our own stocking full of fruit, nuts, and candy, even mother and daddy. We had no fireplace, so we hung them on the wall. Mother had the Sears catalog for us to look at and dream about what all Santa was going to bring us. She had us circle the things that we wanted. Then she had us go back and pick only ten things that we wanted. We always got most of what was on our lists. My favorite smell is of a real tree, and my new baby dolls. I loved books even then. I loved the smell of new books. I always got at least one baby doll, books, and mother and daddy gave us clothes, or things we needed. As I got older, I had to have Barbie, Ken, Allen, Midge dolls, and all their clothes and house. I loved to read and write even as a little girl.

Even at 58, I still have my dolls, books, and teddy bears. 

Christmas Tree, Dec. 8, 2012

Mother nurtured my love for books and reading. She taught us the correct way to spell, by making us read the Dictionary and playing Scrabble. Her work was never done, and daddy worked all the time. If he was not at work, then he was working in our yard. We always had one of the most beautiful yards in our neighborhood. We lived at 1709 Cheston Drive, Jacinto City, Texas. We had loads of neighbors and we were all close with them. We played lots of games together like “kick ball”, football, baseball, and “hide and seek”. Someone was always having a birthday party. We had lots of parties. We celebrated life. Daddy was an excellent cook too, and made the best barbecue chicken ever. He made his own barbecue sauce. He loved Worcestershire sauce

We visited our maternal grandparents on Christmas Eve, Santa came on Christmas morning, and then we still had Christmas night to look forward to at my paternal grandmother‘s house. My paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Annie “Bessie” (Mazac) Frederick, was really poor and had very little materially, but she always had sweets and soda pop for us. She made the best Kolaches because she was Moravian. She always had something small for us to open. We were so excited to bring our Christmas presents to show off to grandma Bessie. She was a Widow and raised five children on her own. My paternal grandfather died before mother and daddy married, so I never got the chance to know him. She was a Custodian for the Crosby ISD for years. She loved her family and lived for them. She was Catholic and attended mass regularly. 

We were richly blessed to be born at that time in Texas and America. The best country in the world to live in, even with all the corruption in our politicians. We need to elect more Godly people to run our country. God bless America. God save America.

Our Seven Year Anniversary of Our First Date~~God Answered My Prayers

Sally & Leonard Tudor, Jan. 27, 2006, Houston, TX

Today was the seventh anniversary of our first date. God does work miracles. I had almost given up all hope of finding a nice and sane man. The “pickings” were pretty “thin”!! The men were either sex addicts, alcoholic, married, or abusive. 

I had spent six years divorced from a “psychotic” stalker that I had been married to. I left town and stayed unlisted for six years to protect myself from him finding me. So, for me to go onto a dating site was a very brave thing to do.  I used to think only losers went onto dating sites. I decided what did I have to lose. I did not want to meet men in bars, and the ones in the church were too “perfect” for me. I prayed continually.

All I wanted for Christmas was a husband that was faithful, honest, loving, and kind. Of course, my number one priorities were that he be a Christian, non-smoker, non-drinker, and non-drugger. And…yes pot is a drug! I did not want to be married to a “pot head”. He must want eventually to marry. 

I made it clear to all that I was not looking for “sex” but a “relationship” which would eventually lead to marriage.  Of course, there were plenty of men who wanted sex with no strings or obligations, but very few who were not crazy, weird, or sexually deviant. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to put the man that~~He wanted for me into my life. When I tried my way, all I met were Liars, Users, and Abusers

My date and I were on the free dating site, “plenty of fish”. I had just broken up with the guy that I had been seeing for about two months, and contemplating spending a Saturday night alone.

He had sent me an IM weeks earlier stating that he would like to chat and maybe meet me. I was honest with him and IM him back, and let him know that I was seeing someone right now, thanks but no thanks that I only dated one person at a time.  He was nice and thanked me for being honest with him.  When I broke it off with the other guy, I emailed him back and let him know that if he was interested, I was available to date again.  He told me that he was glad that I had written him back. We decided to go out on Saturday, December 17, 2005. 

I had just moved back to town after three years working out of town. I was Substitute teaching part time while I searched for full time work. I live with my son for a couple of months until I could find work. 

Our story is a long one. Too long to put in one post. But….I took a chance with him. I was scared to death of repeating old mistakes. The first time that I looked at his pic…I thought OMG, he looks like such a “red neck”! I don’t like men with long hair. I liked a clean cut gentleman type. But…I decided to keep an open mind, and go on the date, and if we did not hit it off or like each other we did not have to go out again. I prayed continually. The moment I saw him and saw how attentive and sweet he was…I was hooked. We have never parted since then. We married forty days later. We are the “loves of each others life’s”. Finally at the age of fifty two, God put my “soulmate” into my life. 

For our first date we met at the mall~~always meet in a public place. We ate pizza in the food court, and afterwards went to see our favorite movie together~~Walk the Line~~about John & June (Carter) Cash. 

Cover of "Walk the Line [Blu-ray]"

June & Johnny Cash

My Thanksgiving Tradition Memories

English: Flag of Houston. SVG image created by...
English: Flag of Houston. SVG image created by uploader based on a bitmap image on the Wikipedia and other images on the web. Español: La bandera del Ciudad de Houston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Jacinto City Welcome sign
English: Jacinto City Welcome sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love this picture of Norman Rockwell‘s Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorites. This pic represents how I feel about our Thanksgiving tradition. God has blessed me with a loving, forgiving close-knit Patriotic American family.

My Mother and Father had six wonderful children in twenty one years of marriage. We were raised at 1709 Cheston Drive, in Jacinto City, Texas from 1947-1968.


English: Former Jacinto City Preschool

Mother And I Loved Old Trees With Character

Me And Mother Loved Old Trees With Character. She told me how her Mother would take all four of her girls for a walk in the woods, and she would point out different colored leaves, and trees with character. She told me that she didn’t want to walk. Her Mother would drop them off and make them walk back to the car. Her Mother pointed out an old dead tree, and how beautiful it was. Mother would whine that she didn’t see nothing beautiful just an old dead tree. My Grandmother was a fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson.  She tried to get her children interested in finding the good in things, and love of nature.

Mother did the same to us, and I was the one whining about I didn’t want to walk, and that I didn’t see anything beautiful about an old dead tree.

Near the end of Mother’s life she told me that story of her Mother, and I told her that I understood because I felt the same way when I was younger. Today, I think all of God’s nature is beautiful, even the dead leaves, plants, and trees. There is a season and time for everything.

When I was in high school English my teacher made us memorize a poem, and then we would have to read it aloud. I chose the one, “There is none so lovely as a Tree…”


I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain
Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree.

— Joyce Kilmer

I always loved trees. I was a tomboy, I climbed up into the tree to escape my little brother and sisters, and to keep them from bugging me. I dreamed of my Daddy building me a Tree house to play in.

Jason Ryan Fallin

Jason’ boyhood home at 13350 Mobile Street, Houston, Harris County, Texas 77015.

Isn’t he adorable? My baby is 26 now! This photo barely survived the flood (Tropical Storm Allison).
This was Easter 1983. At Grandma & Grandpa “Jean & Lou” Mancill’s house at 11039 Lafferty Oaks Street, in Houston, Texas 77013.
Jason and I resided at 13350 Mobile Street,  (Northshore subdivision), Houston, Harris County, Texas 77015.

He begged me to let him open a lemonade stand in our front yard. I told him no, but he insisted and I gave in and let him. I didn’t believe that he would sell any, but he showed me! He sold three or four pitchers. I was sooo proud of him. My little man selling at not even two years old yet. He had more confidence than I did. His Daddy and me gave him a lot of love. Jason and I resided at the house on Mobile Street from 1984 to 1990. God really blessed us with the gift of his life. Jason’s Daddy, Richard, tried to have a child of our own for ten years. Jason is not the child of our bodies, but of our hearts!