Elizabeth “Eliza” Jane “Betsy” Boone Cutbirth Tudor

Birth: 1815

Maury County
Tennessee, USA
Death: Oct. 21, 1897
Erath County
Texas, USA

Married Jesse Gee Tudor on 19 June 1833 in Hardeman County, Tennessee.

Jesse & Betsy had fifteen children together:

Elizabeth “Eliza” Jane (Garrett), William Duncan “W.D.”, Elizabeth (Rowland), John Glaze “J.G”, Martha Gee (Patton), Thomas Benton “T.B.”, Tilman Woodard “T.W.”, Mary Elizabeth “M. E.”, Daniel Kinsey, Hardy Strickland “H.S.”, I. F., Julia Frances “J.F.” (Hopkins), Jesse Benjamin “J.B.”, Melissa Ann (Taylor), James Buchanan, Tilghman N, and Robert Sanford “R.S.” Bowers Tudor.

Family links:
Jesse Gee Tudor (1811 – 1863)

Elizabeth Jane Tudor Garrett (1834 – 1906)
William Duncan Tudor (1836 – 1865)
Martha Gee Tudor Patton (1839 – 1876)
Tilmon Woodard Tudor (1841 – 1916)
Thomas Benton Tudor (1842 – 1917)
Robert Sanford Bower Tudor (1859 – 1943)

“Wife of Jessie G. Tudor / Aged 82 Years”

Ramsey Cemetery
Erath County
Texas, USA

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My Family Research


I have already made my wishes clear to my family in case I die before them, that I want a copy of my thirty years of research to be donated to Clayton Genealogical in Houston, Texas, and a copy also to the George Memorial Library in Richmond, Texas.

My ultimate goal all along has been to write a book about my families, but I had to revise that plan to write several books on each branch of my family. I have too much for one book, and not all of my family will care about the other branches of our family as I have been. I love all history, not just family history, and not just my families history. 

I had a dream years ago about me dying and people just throwing things away, because they meant nothing to them.

Well, it means a hell of a lot to me. My son promised to handle according to my wishes. I have gathered and transcribed thousands of people’s data. The more I thought about it, I was so grateful that I had already transcribed all of the information from the records that I have in my possession.

Some of my many resources were:

  1. My maternal grandfather, Harry William Linderman, and great grandfather, Edward Francis Linderman’s family records and pictures.
  2. My maternal great aunt Gladys Serena Linderman Nelson provided me with information and pictures on the Linderman and Nelson families.
  3. The Palen Pedigree Chart that I received from my mother, Jean Marie Linderman Frederick Mancill, that she received in 1970 from Virginia Palen Long, her cousin, that were compiled by Vernon Walser Palen in 1965.
  4. My paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Annie “Bessie” Mazac Frederick’s Family Reunion notebook, that I transcribed all records from, The handwritten Mazac Family Reunion notebook that I received in 1995 from my Mazac Ancestors. I was the 1995-1998 President of the Mazac Reunion held in Circleville, Williamson County, Texas. The notebook has been damaged through a flood in 2001 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, from Tropical Storm Allison, but I salvaged it and still have it in 2016 as of this writing. 
  5. My paternal aunt, Agnes Rainie Frederick Christ, provided me with many old photos of the Czech-Moravian families on our tree.
  6. My paternal Czech-Moravian cousin, Louis Joseph Havelka’s records, recieved from his wife, Bernice Cernosek Havelka through verbal conversations with in 1995 provided information on the Havelka family.
  7. The FamilySearch.org and Findagrave.com websites have helped me immensely. 
  8. My mother-in-law, Annie Mae McCann Tudor, provided me with photos and information on the McCann and the Tudor families.
  9. My maternal second cousin, Roy Leonard Nelson, Jr. gave me information on the Nelson families. 

There are many more sources but these are the ones that were on the top of my list. I will add more later as time allows. 

God Bless Texas


It was back in 490 BC when tyranny stood before liberty at a place called Thermopylae and Xerxes and the invading Persians demanded King Leonidas and the Spartans to lay down their arms. Leonidas replied with the words, “Molon Labe.”

On November 25, 1778 , 127 Continental Soldiers and some militiamen totaling about 200, under the command of Colonel John McIntosh, stood defiantly before a British force in Georgia at Ft. Morris and responded to the request of surrender to the British commander Colonel Fuser with “come and take it.”

On October 2, 1835 Mexico’s military commander of Texas, Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea, dispatched a company of Dragoons to retrieve the cannon from the Texians at the town of Gonzales.

Upon demanding surrender of the cannon, the Texians responded, “come and take it” – they voted to fight and deployed 140 to drive off the Mexicans.

The words of Leonidas translate to “Come, Take.” Those words are part of the American fabric and our desire to be free and independent when we are faced by tyranny. God bless Texas y’all!”

source: Allen West

All of our Ancestors Emigrated To America Legally


All of our ancestors emigrated to America legally, worked for what they wanted, and never took welfare. They called America = Krasna Amerika.

The TUDOR’s emigrated from England and Wales.

The MCCANN’s emigrated from Ireland.

My FREDERICK and MAZAC’s emigrated from Moravia.

My LUND’s emigrated from Norway.

My OLSSON’s emigrated from Sweden.

My HAMMELL’s emigrated from Scotland.

My LINDERMAN ancestors emigrated from Germany, and resided in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1740. They helped to form these United States.

I still cannot fathom why so many millions of people immigrate to America to escape Communism and for freedom, yet they attempt to change America into the third world hell hole that they crawled out of!

My LINDERMAN ancestors came legally, worked for what they wanted, and did not accept charity. They did not expect others to feed, or clothe them or their families. They helped to build this grand Republic of ours. They served in our military in every war.

I will honor their work and sacrifices by standing up for and speaking out against the Communist N.W.O. takeover of our great nation. God, please help us to save America. 

Family is Forever


Family is Forever! God blessed me with a wonderful, loving family, and we were blessed with the opportunity to get together for the holidays. Me, Sally Tudor, my cousin, Rebecca Floyd, and my sister, Phyllis Hyden, and my wonderful brother-in-law, James Hyden, all enjoyed food and fellowship at Pappasitos in Houston, Harris, Texas in December 2015. 

Peter Joseph Palen, Sr

Birth: Mar. 26, 1826, Luxembourg
Death: Nov. 19, 1875
Houston County
Minnesota, USA

Family links:
Josef Palen (1778 – 1864)
Anna Catherina Pletschette Palen (1801 – 1855)

Johanna Vittley Palen (1842 – 1921)

Peter Joseph Palen (1858 – 1942)
Barbara Palen Hosch (1871 – 1940)

Marie Palen Schrup (1821 – 1897)
Peter Joseph Palen (1826 – 1875)
Gregorie Nicholas Palen (1828 – 1902)
Joseph Pierre Palen (1832 – 1892)
Leopold Frank Palen (1839 – 1909)

Calvary Cemetery
Houston County
Minnesota, USA
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