John Tudor, Sr. – Denbigh, Clwyd, Wales



John Tudor, Sr.

Born: 1684 in Denbigh, Clwyd, Wales, United Kingdom.

Died: 1721 in Surry County, Virginia.

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Eastover Manor House on the James- 1800’s Plantation Home

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Married: 1717 to Mary Seat (aka Seate) in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

Children: John Jr. and Benjamin Tudor. 

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Surry County, Virginia is a county located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its county seat is Surry. In 1652, Surry County was formed from the portion of James City County south of the James River.Wikipedia

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“JOHN TUDOR, SR. b. ca. 1695; d. ca. 1721. (A very young man). Little is known about John Tudor, SR. d. intestate 1771 in Surry Co., VA.. Inventory of his estate was filed under JOHN TEDDER in Surry Co., VA.. He left a widow named Mary and 2 young sons- Benjamin Tudor, and John Tudor, Jr. It is known that the widow Mary m2. to the co-administrator of the estate, Henry Rose, some months prior to the filing of the Inventory 1 Ap. 1721. Proof that he left 2 young sons comes from the Deeds & Estate records of Henry Rose, when he explains the relationship to his wife Mary, and refers to them as step-sons when he deeded land to them. John Tudor, SR. had modest household furnishings, some pewter, a Bible, and a Book of Common Prayer (suggesting a link to the Church of England), and shoemaker’s tools along with a ‘parcel of leather. (suggesting he had been a shoemaker by trade).

JOHN TUDOR JR. was b. ca 1720 ; d. 1782 Granville Co., N. C.. It is highly probable that he was born in VA.. He was born no later than 1720 and could have been born a few years earlier. It is believed that he spent his ‘growing up’ years in the Isle of Wight Co., VA. The first record that we have of John Tudor, JR., is a deed to him from his step-father, Henry Rose, in Brunswick, VA, dated 7 June, 1750, which states that both men were living in Brunswick, VA. 

Henry Rose deeded the remainder of the 342 acre tract of land in Brunswick, VA. but reserved interest for himself and his wife, Mary, to reside on the tract. Henry Rose died about 1752 and John Tudor, JR., remained in Brunswick Co., VA., until 1764, when he moved to Granville Co., N.C., with his own family and other TUDOR relatives. John Tudor, JR. m 1st Elizabeth [nee ???] 1749-69. There is no evidence to tell us what her maiden name was. There is evidence that she died before 1762. . and John Tudor, JR., married another Elizabeth Seymour White. There is evidence that she was a daughter of Valentine White, and OUR TUDOR LINE traces to this Elizabeth. The 2nd Elizabeth was the mother of BLUMER TUDOR, our ancestor.

The children of John Tudor, JR., were: A. Phoebe Tudor, b, ca, 1750; m. John Morris. B. Henry Tudor, b. ca. 1752; d. by 1782; m. Nancy, C. John Tudor III, b. 1754, had a R/W pension. A R/W soldier who went to Madison Co., KY..

He m. 1st 1779 in Granville, N.C.; to Martha Search. He m. 2nd to Frances Phillips, m 3rd to Elizabeth White. These were the children of his 1st wife.

Children of his 2nd wife were: D. Valentine Tudor, b. 1764; m. Granville Co., N.C., to Elizabeth Hicks. Valentine Tudor had a R/W pension. E. Tabitha Tudor, b. 1766, m. 1784 Granville Co., N.C., to Pleasant Whitlow. F. Winifred Tudor, b. ca. 1769; m. James Long. G. BLUMER TUDOR, (our ancestor), b. 1770-72 Granville Co., N.C.; m. 21 May, 1795 in Madison Co., KY. to CHARITY TURNER. (more later). H. Daniel Tudor, b. 1774; m. Nancy Moberly. I. Anne Tudor, b. ca. 1777, m. Samuel Moberly. During the migration in 1785-1787, the widow Elizabeth took her 6 youngest children to Madison Co., KY., with her eldest son Valentine & his family. There is evidence that some of her older children joined her there. She died in Madison Co., KY., amongst her children.”

source: 9 September 2015 by ColeScottCameron1, Website