God Bless Texas! God Bless America!

GOD BLESS TEXAS GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD = TEXAS guadalupe_river_hill_country_texas_usa_2048x1138 Sledge Hammer, a Texas Longhorn living in...North Carolina! Hornspread is just shy of 7 feet TEXAS BLUEBONNETS TEXAS BOOTS TEXAS LONGHORN GRILL TEXAS LONGHORN TEXAS LONGHORN2 TEXAS RANGER MUSEUM TEXAS WINDMILL

Home Sweet Home, Texas. No place that I would rather live than Texas. God, Guns, and Guts!

We will never succumb to the Demon-Rat/Communist PIG’s devious plan to destroy our beloved country “from within”! 

Our ancestors left Europe to Escape this Crap!! Godly Mothers & Fathers

God is our only hope to save our beloved America from the Demon-Rat/Communists/Athiests/Muslimes!! Please, God save America! We have no where to go to from here. We MUST save America from the demons.


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