What to do with 4 sunny days in London

it's that little feeling of ... Wanderlust

Yes, no joke! I got four, possibly even five, sunny days IN A ROW in London. My friend wasted no time in telling me how lucky I was. Actually, she said something like *yeah sure, it’s like this all the time! (to me commenting why everyone said London has bad weather) We actually keep telling people the weather is bad so they don’t come and we get to enjoy this all by ourselves.* I think there may have been a slight hint of sarcasm there… 😉

Jokes aside, I was thrilled I got to really enjoy London’s outdoors. That first day, as I was standing on the banks of the Thames, looking towards the city and enjoying the sunshine, I was so excited to finally be in Europe! Sure, it was hard to leave the bubble, but the world awaits!! So finally, without further ado, here are my…

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