England Travel: Oxford

NJ to the World

If London was a shining beacon of adventure and excitement, relatively Oxford was much more of a disappointment. I think this is true, for me, because I had a explicitly detailed, vivid preconceived notion of what I expected Oxford to be like. Like most college-aged, study abroad, American tourists in Europe, I had to hit one of England’s prestigious schools (those being Cambridge or Oxford: Oxbridge). I happened to choose Oxford, mainly because it’s one of the oldest and highest ranked universities in the world, partially because they filmed bits of Harry Potter there. Needless to say, it did not match what I had expected. But, if Oxford was not good for anything else, it was good for one thing: it got me out of London to see some of the rest of the country of England. I really wish I could have seen more of the English countryside. But Oxford…

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