My hero-Jean Marie Linderman Frederick Mancill-My Mother

Jean Marie Linderman Frederick-1709 Cheston Drive, Jacinto City, TX
We lived there from 1948-1968. Mother raised six children and made a wonderful home for us all. Daddy worked for Brown & Root, Houston, TX for forty-six years. He was respected by all. Mother and Daddy made our house a home. We had many a barbeque and backyard party, birthday parties, and all holidays. Daddy made his own barbeque sauce-he made the best barbequed chicken I have ever eaten. Mother is an excellent cook, and we had everything homemade by her. Mother even made us girls clothes. Daddy had a beautiful yard always. Daddy passed away in Nov. 2006, and Mother is still living and traveling and enjoying her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We have a long legacy of love.

Phyllis & Sally Frederick-1957-Jacinto City, TX

Jean married LeRoy Eugene Frederik-Nov. 15, 1947 in Liberty, TX. They were married for twenty-one years, and raised us six children to be good, honest, hard-working people. Obviously, they did a good job, because all of their children are good people. I am proud to be the daughter of Jean and LeRoy Frederick.


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