Frederick Home-1709 Cheston Drive, Jacinto City, Texas

Old homestead of Leroy Eugene & Jean Marie (Linderman) Frederick. Purchased in 1948.

Raised six (6) children there. Joseph Lee, Phyllis Jean, Sally Ann, Karl Thomas, Patricia Marie, and Sarah Kay Frederick. I have a lot of good memories of that old house. We had the nicest yard in the neighborhood.

Daddy worked hard in his yard. The front yard had lots of trees and shrubs. We liked to eat persimmons off the trees. Boy, were they sour! But…they were good. We ate them green, because if we didn’t the birds would get to them before we could. Daddy & Mother worked hard to make our house a home.

Mother made our clothes and took in ironing to help feed us six kids. We ate a lot of macaroni & cheese, beans, and spaghetti. The holidays were always special.

Daddy served in the U.S. Navy in World War II.

Daddy worked at Brown & Root in their automotive department for forty six (46) years. He started out as a Mechanic’s helper, and advanced up to the Asst. Supt. of the automotive department, at 4100 Clinton Drive, Houston, Texas 77001.

We lived life to the fullest! We celebrated life through birthday parties, Christmas, Easter, and all holidays.

I loved rolling in the cool, green grass, climbing the trees, and swimming in our pool in the back yard. Every summer we had a pool, that is the only way we could stay cool in this hot, humid Texas weather.

One of my favorite memories is of when Daddy let us paint the picket fence between the Rhodes‘ house and ours. We had never been allowed to paint before that. We loved it! The Rhodes’ kids were jealous, because they couldn’t paint too.

Back in the 1960’s, everyone knew their neighbors. We had the Whites on left of us, the Rhodes on the right of us, across the street were the Johnsons, Mancills, Brantleys, and Monks. Down the street were the Camfields next to the Whites, then the Meyers were near the Deans. Down the other way, were the Bobbitts. Man, we had a lot of playing, swimming, and fun with all those kids  Back in those days, just about everybody each six children. Imagine all those kids!!


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